Chilmark Pond Association

This site is for the use of members of the Chilmark Pond Association - riparian owners on Chilmark Pond. If you own property fronting on Chilmark Pond (Chilmark, MA) and are not receiving communications from the Association, please send us your contact information by emailing .
See images of The Cut and Doctors Creek.

See pictures of the 1982 cut opening and extension (to improve flow when the cut was opened).


2016 President's Report

2016 Treasurer's Report

2014 Massachusetts Estuary Project report on Chilmark Pond


Feb. 2014 Shellfish proposal

Nov. 2013 Fertilizer Working Group Presentation (from Joan Malkin)

July 2012 Pond status report by Peter Bruce, VP CPA.

2011 hydrodynamic study of Chilmark Pond by Applied Coastal ASsociates, in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Estuary Project.

Results of pond water tests in 2008 2009 and 2010. In 2011, testing was more sporadic, testing methods changed, and there were press reports concerning the high variability and possible unreliability of water testing results all over the island. No data are available here.

Data on openings

1904 Statute

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Association By-Laws Part 2 (takes a while)

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